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DogsDog Prices in Nepal (20 Most Popular Breeds in Nepal)

July 16, 2022by Lachana Shakya0

“My wallet would not have been empty, my house would always be clean but my heart would always be empty.” This is one of the popular posts that’s streaming on social media lately. Obviously, these lines are dedicated to the pawcious friends that fill our life with joy, happiness, enjoyment, and sometimes naughtiness too.

Whenever you are filled with joy, your pets especially the dogs know how to celebrate your happiness and also, when you are feeling blues, dogs know how to cheer you up and widen that smile of yours. Unconditional love can never be defined in a few words. So, if you are planning to enter the Multiverse of cleaning the poops, feeding your paw-nions, going for walks, and if you are ready to enter parenthood and be childish along with your pets, you need to decide first what kind of dog you want to welcome at your home. In fact, you should consider the following things to give a Grand Welcome to your new family member.

  • Making your mind about what breed you want to choose
  • Whether the surrounding matches the vibes of the dog like the size of your apartment, climatic condition, availability of garden, etc.
  • Dedication of time for early socialization and training and many more.

You have to do proper research for purchasing any pups or grown-ups before you let the cute ones enter your house. After this, you can proceed to buy and greet them and take a vow to never leave their sides. But before that, you may wonder about the prices of dogs in Nepal. The dog prices in Nepal may differ per breed, size, and variety of the dogs. So before jumping to the conclusion about buying a dog, you should dig up the prices of dogs in Nepal.


Dog Prices in Nepal

The prices of dogs in Nepal may vary per size, type of breed, and many more as mentioned earlier. Here goes the list of 20 breeds and their prices in Nepal that may help you in your research for buying the dogs.


  • German Shepherd

It appears like you are from a noble background when you have a German Shepherd. In the canine kingdom, these dogs always come in the front position due to their nature of loyalty, obedience, rescue, courage, and many good personality traits. 

Also known as Alsatians, these working dogs have a history of being originated in Germany and they were originally bred as the herding dogs for herding sheep. When it comes to defending the lives of their loved ones, they are always willing to put their lives at risk. Intelligent, versatile, excelled at training, and dedicated to doing the commanded tasks, these dogs are also used as a guide for the handicapped, police, military service, herding, and rescue. 

Available in different colors, these dogs have become gentle family pets and devoted guardians. Daily exercise, playing, learning, jogging, and training sessions are a must for these dogs. Be prepared to pluck the hair of a German shepherd as they shed a lot. You can also buy dog grooming accessories from here for shedding solutions.

Price of German Shepherd in Nepal:


Price of German Shepherd in Nepal



  • Labrador Retriever

Labs are friendly, outgoing, high-spirited, and compassionate housemates who are always eager to give their hands for friendship. They socialize so well that they even get friendly with strangers, thieves and burglars too which makes them low efficient for being guard dog.

But they are a very useful working breed and they are also known for being enthusiastic athletes. In the past, Labrador Retrievers were considered the helpers of fishermen for hauling nets, fetching ropes, and retrieving fish from the chilly North Atlantic and that’s why they are popularly called Retrievers.

They have a very friendly nature, high volume of energy, and keen intelligence. They always want to get them tired by working hard. They can also be named Workaholic dogs in this sense. Field trials, hunting tests, and obedience training can be done for Labs to enhance their capabilities.

Price of Labrador Retriever in Nepal:


Price of Labrador Retriever in Nepal



  • Golden Retriever

Belonging to the Sporting Group, these dogs were Scottish gundogs with immense beauty. They have lustrous coats of gold and also widen their Golden Smile to strangers and even thieves too. They are outgoing, trustworthy, energetic, powerful, and muscular dogs who are always eager to please anyone. Swimming and fetching are their hobbies.

Said to be descended from the Russian sheepdogs bought from a circus, the Golden Retriever breed was developed in Scotland at the highland estates of Sir Dudley Marjoribanks (later called Lord Tweedmouth). They are very sweet, kind, intelligent, sociable, loyal, and playful dogs with a tolerant attitude.

Goldies are very easy to train and they are also eager to learn. They require plenty of physical and mental exercise. No matter what, if you are in your gloomy time, they will try their best to slow down your painful times and bring happiness.

Price of Golden Retriever in Nepal:


Price of Golden Retriever in Nepal


  • Cocker Spaniel

With their cute and dreamy eyes, Cocker Spaniels are considered Happy Dogs due to their merry, happy and gentle character. Their loud barking, soft personality, and trustworthy family companionship make them sweet family dogs and they also belong to the world’s best-loved breeds.

Initially belonging to the Spaniel family dating back to ancient times, these Spanish dogs were developed as hunting dogs. Their flowing coat makes them unique and distinct from other breeds. They love to cuddle and play a lot. They are very sweet, affectionate, alert, and active dogs. 

Belonging to the Sporting Group, they make a good bond with the children. As merrier they are, they also need timely grooming due to their hair. They are most prone to eye problems so, timely checking-up is a must. 

Price of Cocker Spaniel in Nepal:


Price of Cocker Spaniel in Nepal


  • Dalmatian

The Dalmatians of Cruella or the 101 Dalmatians probably stole the limelight more than the main characters of these Disney movies. Also known as English Coach Dogs, these dogs are best identified as the dogs with spotted coats. Dals are more reserved, dignified, and unfriendly with strangers.

Dating back to history, these dogs accompanied the horses for the rigs of nobles, gypsies, and firefighters. They serve as wonderful partners for runners and hikers. Some Dalmatians carry the bloodlines of deafness, either their one ear is deaf or both are completely deaf hence, the ear issues of Dals should be considered.

Also, these dogs love attention and are high-energy dogs of athletic nature belonging to Non-Sporting Groups. They also try their best to make you laugh. Their delightful appearance and eye-catching spots of black or liver adorn make you fall in love with them. And obviously, they shed too.

Price of Dalmatian in Nepal:

Price of Dalmatian in Nepal


  • Pitbull

The muscular body structure and dogfighting sports roam in mind when we talk about Pitbull. In fact, Pitbull is the umbrella term that’s used for the dog of several breeds. These dogs are aggressive, loving, loyal, and gentle dogs and have maintained the reputation of the family dogs for a very long time.

In the past, Pitbulls were used in the bull-baiting sport where they were commanded to attack a chained bull or bear. After the ban of such cruel sports, they were crossed with terrier and now we have five varieties of Pitbulls, namely, American Bully, American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and American Bulldog. 

These smart, confident and muscular dogs really like mental and physical challenges. The wide mouths, squarish heads, and smooth coats are their typical identities. Daily exercise and food motivation is needed for them. They need to be given their space otherwise they may develop Separation Anxiety. 

Price of Pitbull in Nepal:

Price of Pitbull in Nepal


  • Japanese Spitz

These dogs have maintained their identity as the Nepalese family dogs as people love these dogs very much. These little comedians are happy, intelligent, smart, loyal, cheerful, and proud dogs who would do anything to make you laugh and cheer you up. They bark so loudly when any stranger appears in their territory. 

It’s said that these dogs were descended from several white German Spitz dogs that were brought to Japan from China and that’s why they got their names. Be ready to listen to your neighbors because of their louder and fearless barks. They have a strong desire to protect their families and loved ones which makes them efficient family guard dogs.

With the pure white coats, they don’t need frequent grooming. They are very protective of the kids. They serve as wonderful companions in the family.

Price of Japanese Spitz in Nepal : 


Price of Japanese Spitz in Nepal


  • Boxer

Loyalty, intelligence, playfulness, strong work ethics, good looks, and courage are the main personality traits of Boxers. These dogs are the watchdogs and family guardians who are protective over the children and the families. 

These dogs originated in Germany and were brought to the US after World War I. Their ancestors were German Buttenbeiser. They are also popular for doing the Kidney Bean dance and making a unique sound called Woo woo. They have a great sense of humor and sweetness. Comes in brindle, white and fawn colors, these dogs are always alert. They don’t want to be bossed around and need an independent surrounding.

They don’t fully mature until they are 3 years old, one of the longest puppy hoods in the canine kingdom. Also known as Hearing Guard Dogs, they are energetic and require plenty of exercise. They are not considered outdoor dogs as they have short noses and hair. They drool a lot and snore a lot too.

Price of Boxer in Nepal : 


Price of Boxer in Nepal


  • Pug

Better known as the Clowns of the canine world, Pugs are more charming, playful, and easygoing dogs who are always eager to be the center of attention. If you are an Anime lover, you may definitely remember Pakkun from Naruto who had a great sense of humor and liked to show off, as did the other Pugs too.

Their face looks like a human fist and also, and the Pug name comes from the Latin word meaning fist. The moles on the Pug’s cheeks are basically known as the beauty spots. Originally originated in China, these dogs are greedy eaters and gain weight easily. Try on these bowls with the obstacles if your dogs are also eating greedily.

They shed a lot so be ready to invest in your cleaner stuff. They come in silver, apricot-fawn, and black colors. They belong to the Toy Group. They are prone to eye injuries and many health problems as they start aging. They wheeze, snort, and snore so loudly but their wrinkled faces make them too cute.

Price of Pug in Nepal :


Price of Pug in Nepal


  • Doberman

These dogs have maintained royals in the canine kingdom. The noble-wedged-shaped head of the Doberman Pinscher makes them unique in the canine world. These dogs really crave companionship and mark strong bonds with their families. With a sleek, powerful, good physique and keen intelligence, these dogs have a smooth coat with some rust markings.

The existence of the Doberman can be credited to the 19th Century Louis Dobermann who ideated of cross-breeding of different dogs and now Dobermans are loved worldwide. They are fearless and constitute the quality of being alert all the time.

Muscular, fast, and powerful Dobs have protective instincts and are quite intelligent. Due to their powerful intelligence, they look more aggressive and dangerous but they are loyal and more protective toward their families.

Price of Doberman in Nepal : 


Price of Doberman in Nepal


  • Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are one of the oldest dog breeds in the canine kingdom. They are thickly coated and resemble wolves. They are friendly, fast, and dignified breeds who are developed to work in packs. They possess immense power, athleticism, and confidence. 

Originated in Siberia among the Chukchi tribe of Siberian nomads, the Siberian Huskies have the preference for being with experienced dog owners who set definite and consistent rules. They enjoy howling but barking is not their Cup of Tea so they are unsuitable as watchdogs.

Their nimble-shaped brown or blue eyes can make anyone fall in love with the Huskies. They are really curious in nature and exploring is their hobby. And they are also known as Escape artists so you need to be extra alert when taking them outdoors. Also, they don’t emit a Doggy odor.

Price of Siberian Husky in Nepal : 

Price of Siberian Husky in Nepal


  • Himalayan Mastiff

Popularly known as Bhote Kukur, these dogs are considered the Guardian Dog Supreme same as the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they have a long history of serving the people as the guardians. They are watchful, aloof, intimidating, and protective dogs that are densely coated. 

Originated in Tibet, these dogs have the legacy of helping the village folks and residents as guard dogs for the herding purpose and protection of the sheep from predators. They have the longest history of serving as guard dogs for more than 5000 years. They are calm, sweet, intelligent, and independent dogs. They are stubborn and strong but shy towards strangers.

Despite their dense coat, they don’t shed as they seem. They are also known as Gaddi, Himalayan sheepdogs, these dogs are sweet and devoted to their family members.

Price of Himalayan Mastiff in Nepal : 


Price of Himalayan Mastiff in Nepal


  • Dachshund

Always eager to help you in doing things, Doxies or Teckels are also known as wiener dogs, badger dogs, and sausage dogs due to their long-backed body and little legs. Dachshunds are smart, vigilant, and fine watchdogs.

Believed to be created in Germany and bred to be an independent hunters of the harmful and dangerous prey along with badgers and other dwelling animals, these dogs used to hunt foxes and deer and later became the household dogs. They come in three varieties, namely, short-haired, wire-haired, and longhaired dogs. 

Doxies are clever and fearless dogs with cute ears and they are very playful in nature. They are very good with children and they like to bark very much.

Price of Dachshund in Nepal : 


Price of Dachshund in Nepal


  • Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are one of the most lovable breeds that possess very versatile and loving characteristics. They are very kind, gentle, muscular, and good-natured dogs who love attention. They are quiet indoor dogs that make a wonderful companion in a family.

In the past, Saint Bernards guarded the grounds of Switzerland’s Hospice Saint Bernard. They could withstand the cold temperature of the Alps. Also, they were used to save lost and injured travelers in cold regions. 

Saint Bernards are prone to heat exhaustion and heatstroke hence, special attention should be given to them during hot weather. Like Boxers, they also take a longer time to mature mentally. Early age training should be given to the dogs. They are also very patient and playful dogs. 

Price of Saint Bernard in Nepal : 


Price of Saint Bernard in Nepal


  • Beagle

Known as Merry dogs, Beagles are one of the cutest dogs in the canine world. They have cute and adorable faces with big brown or hazel eyes that depict their sweet innocence. They are small, fun-loving, stubborn but active dogs who are very good at scenting.

They were originally bred as the scent hounds for hunting hares popularly known as beagling. They have approximately 220m scent receptors and hence their heads are almost every time down to the ground. In-house training is really difficult for the beagles.

In fact, they are excellent hunting dogs with tons of scent receptors. Their adorable eyes, ears, and face along with their personality traits make them good family dogs.

Price of Beagle in Nepal : 


Price of Beagle in Nepal


  • Chihuahua

With rounded Apple heads and bright eyes, Chihuahuas are considered the world’s smallest dogs. They are tiny, alert, and fun-loving Purse dogs that are named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua. They are busy, intelligent, and confident dogs.

Their ancestral beliefs state that they were descended from a Central or South American dog, Techichi, or small hairless dogs from China that were brought to Mexico by Spanish traders and bred with small native dogs according to a popular pet blog. They become too suspicious of strangers and their barking is loud too.

But Chihuahuas are prone to cold, excitement, and fear. Chihuahuas come in different colors. They are excellent watchdogs but petting them amongst young children may be dangerous as the dogs may get hurt due to the toddling nature of children.

Price of Chihuahua in Nepal : 


Price of Chihuahua in Nepal


  • Pomeranian

These smiley and foxy-faced dogs are the favorites of the royals and the commoners from the beginning. Pomeranians are the smallest members of the Spitz family of dogs. These fierce, independent, curious cuties are loud barkers.

These dogs are named after the province of Pomerania, Germany. These playful dogs come in almost 2 dozen different colors. They have the glorious double coat and combing their hair is quite fun too.

They are good comedians and make efforts to make you laugh. They value companionship and even move forward to challenge the larger dogs. So the owners need to be extra careful regarding this.

Price of Pomeranian in Nepal : 


Price of Pomeranian in Nepal


  • Poodle

Decorated with ribbons and different hairdos, poodles are one of the most lovable dogs by the richies and the commoners too. These elegant and cute dogs have low-allergen coats and curly hair and are very lively, active, fun-loving, smart, and versatile dogs. 

Poodles are the symbol of life and luxury and professional grooming has been a must for them. They are said to be descended from the barbet of German origin. Poodles are also called “Caniches” in France which represent duck dogs. They were generally bred for retrieving through the water.

These elegant, proud, and clever dogs are one of the best companion dogs. Their faces need to be cleaned daily due to the weepings. They belong to the Non-sporting Group and are termed intelligent dogs too. 

Price of Poodle in Nepal : 


Price of Poodle in Nepal


  • Rottweiler

Rotties or Rotts are loyal, loving, and confident dogs that possess great strength and robust working capability. They are steady, confident, and good-natured dogs with heavy muscles and short black coats with rust markings. 

Said to be descended from the mastiffs (named Molossus) of Roman legions, they were bred to drive cattle to the market areas and pull the carts for butchers. They also act as excellent police dogs. They are very strong with great energy levels.

Rottweilers have this different kind of attitude where they test you if you are right or wrong. They do not make friends instantly. They have a wait-and-see attitude where they examine if you really mean what you are saying. Also, they snore too much. 

Price of Rottweiler in Nepal : 


Price of Rottweiler in Nepal


  • Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso belongs to the Non-sporting Group. These dogs are best known for their flat-handing coats. The fun fact is these dogs act to please themselves rather than their companions. These dogs are intelligent, independent, and strong watchdogs. 

They have a 1000-year-old history of serving as sentinels at palaces and monasteries in Tibet. They are the mini family comedians which act fierce when protecting the families. They always want to be leaders of themselves.

They mature slowly and they need lots of grooming time along with dental care. They need plenty of exercise and they are suspicious of strangers which makes them excellent guard dogs. But they are not suitable for the houses with younger children.

Price of Lhasa Apso in Nepal : 

Price of Lhasa Apso in Nepal


These are some of the informative descriptions of various 20 dog breeds and dog prices in Nepal. If you want to buy any, please contact us. Apart from the above-mentioned dog breeds, you can send us queries about other breeds too.


Reminder Notes: 1) The price of female pups is generally 20-30% more than the male pups. 

2) Generally, the popular pups are from 2.5 to 5 months.

3) The weight, height, and life expectancy of the dogs may differ.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the notes, do proper research and welcome the new family member with joy and happiness. Good luck on the new journey with your paw-nion.


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