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Each breed of puppy is different and so is your needs.

So you have decided that it is finally the time to bring a furry little baby as an addition to your family but where do you go get one? Before you search up ‘Puppies for sale in Nepal’, take a look at Petxan’s exclusive litter!

We have the guaranteed best litter for you to choose from. We get how personal it can be to get a puppy that you can connect to. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a convenient health and breed checking service before delivering them. It’s quality assurance at its best! Come up to our pet store to meet the friendliest bunch of puppies that will just melt your heart!

Depending upon what you are looking for, we have put up a wide range of breeds of puppies for sale. Each breed of puppy is different and so is your needs. We provide a digital footage of the pets for sale before you buy from us. If you’re not sure which puppy you will be parenting, our in-store employees will get you familiarized with the breeds and even suggest you if you’re still not sure.

Have a big ground for your puppy to grow and play? Get a german shepherd for an added benefit of high security! Have a small apartment and no need for extra security? Own a cute little pug to keep you company and cuddle with you through coldest days. We have a puppy you’ll be happy looking after!

With a cute puppy comes specific responsibilities. But don’t get overwhelmed! We’re here to help you get used to the newest addition to your family. Petxan’s pet stores will help you get a feel of the new journey with your pupper friend. From their specific diet to special accessories, we have everything to help the bundle of joy to get accustomed to your welcoming home. Find supplements, dog food, dog accessories and even special discounts upon the purchase of your new puppy!

Not looking to buy but sell instead? Petxan’s what you’re looking for. Many pet owners are comfortable with one or maybe two pets but a whole litter might not be a good idea. In times of such sticky situations, turn to Petxan to sell your puppies so that they can get their own forever homes.

Each puppy deserves a loving and happy home environment and Petxan takes immense pride in joining the hearts of to-be-pet owners to their new little puppy. Hand over your puppies to our trusted care and watch them get the best possible homes that actually want them wholeheartedly.  

Puppies and happiness is mutually exclusive. Bringing home a little puppy can instantly add warmth to any household. There are definitely a lot of puppies in the world waiting for their one true human companion that they can grow with and spend their life with. From finding your perfect pupper to making them feel at home, Petxan will be with you.