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About UsIt all started with the immense love for these furry creatures


They say happiness looks a lot like a furry little creature with a boop-able nose and a pet-able tummy. All pet owners can agree, no matter the size, age, or how messy, we all love our dogs like family. Well, who wouldn’t? These adorable pets have been with us humans for such a long time that they love us more than we love ourselves! From protectors to our faithful companions, dogs have taught us the warmth of another soul. That’s why we have special occasions to celebrate their loyalty and bravery like Kukur Tihar in Nepal. From the stone age to the modern times, these sunny creatures have shown us love in the form of waggy tails to affectionate licks.

We love scrolling through the internet for the cutest dog videos and to show off our own pets. But how often do we take time to understand their well-being? Petxan understands that these special furballs have their own special needs. Hence, we stepped up to take care of all the confusions you may have about the care of your buddy.  

Petxan is your one-stop solution to all pet-related products and services that can benefit the growth and happiness of your furry companions. Our services range from high-quality dog foods to trendy accessories that are not only fancy but attune to the comfort of your dogs. Grooming stations are made with the best interest in mind so that your pets may feel at ease. Let them have luxurious baths for their luscious coats!

For the first time in Nepal, Petxan also introduces Dog Hostels. Dog Hostels are perfect for customers looking for a safe and sound place for their pets to stay when they are away. These hostels are run by professionals who have experience in dealing with pets and treating them with the utmost care. As you are on your holiday, treat your pets to their own holiday retreat as well! 

Petxan knows what’s best for your pet as we have teamed up with the best animal care professionals who guide us to cater to our precious customers. We love pets as much as you do and wish to provide the best for these pawsome pets! A happy pet means a happy you!