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April 11, 2022by Lachana Shakya0

You feel proud of your dogs as a master or a companion if your dogs behave properly and if your dogs show good behaviors. It’s a matter of both happiness and pride if your dogs are trained well. Training your dogs may sound fun and easy but it’s a really big project. Proper training and socialization are two of the basic needs of the dogs. Barking, leash pulling, and wagging their tails are some of the habits they form without training. And training your pooches will improve the life of theirs and yours too, leading to a harmonious and strong bond between you two.


Even the smartest and fast learner dogs require some time to learn any new habit or trick. If you want your pooches to learn something, firstly you need to consider these things:

  • Time and patience are of the essence during training.
  • You need to manage your expectations and mood while training.
  • You should understand your dogs’ temperament in mind.
  • You can consider clicker training, a method of delivering an immediate reward or praise with the help of a click.
  • You should make the immediate rewards available plus high-value treats such as freeze-dried liver, and roasted chicken breast chunks as well.
  • You should observe your pooches’ learning speed.
  • No matter what, you should not get frustrated because you should understand that different breeds have different learning abilities at different rates.

Giving training to dogs


According to a famous research paper, Dog Intelligence is of three types. Namely,

  1. Instinctive learning- When your dogs learn the behaviors when they are bred.
  2. Adaptive learning- When your dogs learn from the existing surroundings for solving the problems.
  3. Working and Obedience- When they learn from the tasks and commands given by you to them.


If your dogs need to be trained to behave in the ways you want, you can use two common methods popularly known:

Aversive-based method: Using positive punishment and negative reinforcement techniques with dogs like harsh and loud scoldings, and physical corrections to make your dogs behave as your want.

Reward-based method: Using rewards like treats, belly rubs, dog pleasing actions, praising them, etc to reinforce that their behavior was good enough to get that reward.


Generally, pet specialists focus on reward-based methods as these methods are best for boosting the loving and harmonious relationship with your pets. Dogs are considered one of the smartest animals so they are smart enough to learn the things you want and they want to get away with. They learn more like the little kids. When they start growing, they begin to understand our words too.


So, when you use the word “Sit down”, make your dogs sit and give immediate praise and start repeating the same word to make it a habit. Do not use the words “Come here and Sit here” next time because they may get confused and may not catch that behavior. Hence, repetitions are important not only when teaching the behaviors and words but other things too. Make sure you make your words count to them.


To train your dogs easily regarding evening walks or morning walks, barking and leash pulling may be the habit of your pooches. It’s obvious that these are common habits. But you need to understand their slight behavior as well. If your pooches bark excessively, it may be because of the loneliness or boredom as they are the pack animals and loneliness may often bring anxiety to them. And if your dogs start leash pulling, do not get dragged along with them. Stand still like a tree and if your dogs come back to your position, give them praise. 


The above mentioned are some of the basic tips on how you can train your dogs easily. If you are training some new skills in your pooches, remember these five pawsome tips:

  1. If you are teaching new behavior or skill to your dog, keep in mind that your pooch has the intelligence level of a two-year-old kid.
  2. Your pooches should not get confused with your training commands. The training sessions should be to the point.
  3. Limit the sessions to 15/20 minutes.
  4. If you are teaching one behavior then limit it to one only. Do not focus on more tests at a single time to avoid confusion.
  5. Keep on using the same words. Do not add something new until they understand the behavior fully.


Tips for training your dogs


Use the games approach to make the training more interactive and fun. In the case of rewards. If they crave attention, then rub their bellies or neck areas. If they want some treats, give them some treats but make sure about the calories intake too.


If you want your pooches to stop unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, and jumping around the people, make sure you don’t give more attention to them like looking into their eyes, scolding them and when they stop doing such activities, give an immediate reward. It lets them understand that “You approve of this behavior”. They may understand that if I don’t do that, my master will treat me. Make sure to understand how your dog learns. Never compare your dogs with other dogs. 


Repetition, time, and patience are of the essence while training your dogs. Reward-based approaches have been proven the best methods for training your dogs. If you are training your dogs, remember to be patient and understanding about your dogs’ every action and behavior.


Hope your training may be fruitful. Good Luck!


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