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February 25, 2022by Lachana Shakya0

Woofy Companions! Humans can’t live in isolation and they need a circle of companions for their ultimate existence. Apart from the humans themselves, whenever we think of having a pet at our home, the picture of dogs roams around our heads. There are a lot of options including cats, rabbits, Guinea pigs, and other animals but dogs become the optimum choice for the new pet member of the family. Also, there are many dog breeds with different features that can match the personality and vibes of the pet masters too.

Why not, dogs also? Wagging their tails and showing their adorable emotions, dogs have always been considered as the man’s best friend. They bring tremendous joy and happiness to our lives. Dogs are more genuine, intelligent, and faithful than other pets. Here, we will stress out the most popular breeds in Nepal. So, fasten your seatbelts and decide on which dog breed to pet after reading this article. 


Dog Breeds and Dog Price in Nepal

1. Labrador Retriever

When the topics arise about intelligence, faithfulness, adorableness, and smartness, this dog breed comes as the first choice for petting. History has proven that this dog breed has been a great help to the fishermen. This dog breed falls under the Sporting Group. These dogs are very playful and active. They get friends easily with everyone making them the pawfect family dog. They love getting trained and they need daily exercises.

High-quality nutritional feeding must be dedicated to such dogs. They have such a high spirit and pleasant demeanor that anyone can fall in love with its behavior. They are outgoing animals and extroverts.

Labrador Retriever


2. German Shepherd

Petting the dog breed of German Shepherd brings immense prestige to the family. And the choice of welcoming the pet member of this dog breed is also common in Nepal. Their huge size and extraordinary qualities make them the ultimate choice for pet lovers. They are the most loyal, intelligent, protective, and outgoing dogs. They risk their lives to protect their loved ones, making them the top guard dogs of the world. 

They are always eager to learn and train. This dog breed always falls under the category of Sporting Group. They need to be fed rich quality protein diets. They need regular grooming and brushing due to their thick shed. These dogs are also used for search and rescue purposes. With their strong sense of smell, these dogs are always cheerful and obedient. 

German Shepherd

Price of German Shepherds depends upon the parents. If the pup is from first generation imported dogs especially from Europe the price can reach as high as Rs 200K-300K.


3. Golden Retriever

Just like the popular dog breeds in Nepal, Labrador Retrievers, these dogs are very well-mannered and loyal. Their pleasing and attractive looks make everyone fall in love with these dogs. They are easy to train. This dog breed also falls under the category of Sporting Group. They are always devoted to their pet masters. Due to the thick hair coat, they need regular brushing and grooming. A quality diet needs to be fed to such a dog breed.

This dog breed is also the most popular in Nepal. Their activeness and friendly nature make them the most demandable family dog. 

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Golden Retriever


4. Japanese Spitz

Known as the loyal, smart, playful, and intelligent dogs, Japanese Spitz are one of the most energetic dogs who love to play. They love to be around people and they are very friendly with the family and kids. They can be perfectly used as watchdogs.

It is really easy to train these dogs and this breed has become almost the household name in the Nepalese families. They are easier to train and they require less maintenance cost and grooming too. This dog breed falls under the category of Utility Group.

Japanese Spitz


5. Pug

Pugs fall under the Toy Group. Due to its cute size and adorable structure, this dog breed is most suitable for small households and apartments. They are very playful, active, and outgoing dogs. Their intelligence and loving nature make them the pawfect choice of petting. They love to interact with the children. Pugs require regular nail trimming too. They need to be fed a rich quality healthy diet rich in calories.



6. Beagle

These dogs are best known to have a great sniffer. Their adorable eyes and floppy ears make them cuter. They are used in security places like airports due to their great sense of smell. But for guard purposes, they may not be the ultimate choice. They also have the habit of overeating and they are a little bit easy to train but with consistent efforts, they can be trained. 

This dog breed is also the most desirable in Nepal. This dog breed falls under the category of Hound Group. They are best known to be playful, curious, merry, and adorable. In a nutshell, they are good for households rather than for guarding purposes. 



7. Boxer

Their names suggest their ultimate characteristics. They fall under the category of the Working Group. They are known to be very sporty and energetic in nature. For guard and security purposes, this dog breed is very popular. They are very powerful and obedient to their masters. They need a high-quality nutritional diet.

They are very patient, friendly, protective, and outgoing dogs. Due to their thin coat, they don’t require regular grooming but trimming their nails regularly is essential. 

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8. Rottweiler

Best known as the ancestry of Roman legion mastiffs, this dog breed is most popular in police and military works. They are also best known for being good guards for the families. They are one of the most affectionate and protective dog breeds also popular in Nepal. They are very good-natured, strong, and powerful.

They need to be trained properly otherwise these dogs become difficult to control or handle. This dog breed falls under the Utility Group. They are intelligent and active dogs. They require a high-quality diet rich in protein and a moderate amount of fat. Due to their light shedding, they require less grooming. 



9. Poodle

This breed of dog is known to be highly intelligent, graceful, and friendly. Their slim muscled bodies make them easy to run quickly. Their good-looking and adorable looks make anyone fall in love with this dog breed. They always obey their masters and love to seek guidance from their masters.

This dog breed falls under the category of Non-Sporting Group. They are always alert and faithful dogs. They require high protein food. They tend to be more athletic and smart dogs making them one of the most popular dog breeds in Nepal.



10. Cocker Spaniel

Due to its adorable hair and cute size, this dog breed is most preferable in small houses and apartments. They are very playful and friendly in nature. This dog breed loves to play and stay happy. These dogs are very intelligent and regarded as the best pet choice for families. These dogs fall under the Sporting Group.

Due to their small size, these dogs are too adorable to look at and pet. They don’t require many varieties of food. Their thick shed makes it compulsory for regular grooming.

Cocker Spaniel


11. Himalayan Mastiff

Popularly known as Bhote Kukur or Bhotia, these dogs are best known for their working capabilities and loyalty. These dogs are popular pets by Nepalese families. They are stubborn, protective, and outgoing animals. This dog breed falls under the Working Group. They need regular grooming due to their thick coat. They are also the best pet choice for the families for their loyalty. 

Tibetan Mastiff


12. Dalmatian

These dogs are famously known as the large-sized dogs with the unique white coat with black or liver-colored spots all over their bodies. They were used as the means for carriage in the past. This dog breed falls under the Non-Sporting Group. 

Dalmatians really feel comfortable to socialize with children and people. They are considered smart, outgoing, and dignified dogs. They require daily exercise and nutritional supplements.



Woofy Facts : The price of female pups is cheaper than that of male pups and people generally prefer to buy 2 months  – 6 months old pups.

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There are several other dog breeds such as Bulldog, Doberman and many more. So, which one is your favorite dog breed choice?


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