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March 25, 2022by Lachana Shakya0

Step aside from your dilemmas and get yourself a pawsome buddy! Hurry!

Loyalty, obedience, and genuine love without a pinch of selfishness. Four-legged canine companions. Their loyalty knows no bounds, their dedication to complete devotion towards the owners, and their pure and gentle love is the most precious that no one can steal from.

“A man’s best friend”, this phrase was firstly used in 1789 by the King Frederick of Russia expressing about his Italian Greyhound. The phrase was just used in that cited year but dogs have been man’s best friend or woman’s best friend for more than 30,000 years as history unveils making them the most popular and beloved pets than anyone.

Dogs can be placarded as the descendants of wolves and with the interaction with the humans and many genetic makeups, today there are many breeds of dog but the one thing common you can get in any kinds of dogs is the bighearted companionship that you can find rarely in this world amongst others.

So why delaying, let’s delve into the doggone reasons of getting a dog:


1. Dogs are accountable for your jolly moods

Dogs are the natural mood boosters. Whenever you approach the dogs, you feel a kind of happiness and positivity around. Dogs can easily pick up our subtle mood changes. They try to make us happy whenever we are sad. Soft cuddles and touching their furry hair can brighten anyone’s gloomy mood. There is a distinct type of “Feel Good” drug when dogs are around you. They demonstrate euphoric feelings when they lick us or give us some kisses. Playing with dogs or pups enhances the levels of dopamine and serotonin, which are specific neurotransmitters consorted with pleasure and tranquility.


2. Dogs share a family-type mutual relationship

Stanley Coren quoted, “The great fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door with them.” And it’s absolutely true. Whenever you come back to your homes from your workplace or outdoors, they come to welcome you at the main door with their wiggling butts and wagging tails. Research often demonstrates the unique behavior about them that they seek out close eye contact from people and not even their biological parents. They view the pet parents as their family and portray a selfless bond of affection and attachment. 


Playing with dogs


3. Knock off, burglars and bad thieves! I am a pawdyguard, vow vow

There is no doubt that dogs protect our homes and they are one of the best bodyguards who defend their owners at home and outdoors too. Their sense of smell and their devotion towards their pet parents is extraordinary. They try to warn the owners in course of any danger or imperilment. Likewise, some dogs like the German Shepherd are used by armies to track any kind of trouble. In fact, dogs love to be cool bodyguard companions of their owners.


4. Owning a dog helps you stay alive more

Dogs are not the tarot card readers that determine your death, a lame joke but they definitely help you in recovering so soon from any kind of illness. According to the famous website, the comprehensive review of studies published between 1950 and 2019 concluded that dog owners had a lower risk of death with lower blood pressure levels and cardiovascular diseases. These furry pets have an astounding ability to make the owners feel calm and happy. And more happiness means more energy to stay alive!


5. Why be stressed out when “ultimutt solution” is here

Life’s a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. You may get knocked down several times but that doesn’t mean you can’t get up. Dogs give you perfect company whether in a happy or sad situation. Research studies have proven that spending time with dogs results in the reduction in cortisol which is a major stress hormone. Their googly eyes and floppy ears make you feel stress-free at any moment. Their unconditional love and good intention to see you happy never fade away.


6. Dogs help you to stay active and healthy

If you become lazy sometimes to maintain your exercise schedules, then dogs can become your trainer as obvious. Going to the walks with your dogs and running with them is ultimately a part of your exercise too. They teach us some valuable skills and they are always energized. They want us to get engaged in the activities with them such as training time, making a race with them, playing various games, etc. So if you get a dog, you will never be lazy and always remain active, healthy, and jazzed up.


Taking care of pets


7. Dogs are the medium for social interactions

Ever feel you are introverted or not active in making good communication, then dogs will assist you in becoming more interactive. Whenever you go outdoors with your dogs for walks, you may meet several dog owners and you can’t stop waving “Hello” to them and start a conversation about dog grooming, their likes and dislikes, and so on. Dogs may also maintain friendly relations with other dogs and that’s how you become socially interactive.


8. Dogs are the best therapy for children and senior citizens

Dogs are proven to be the best companions among children and senior citizens as well. Some studies have exhibited the conclusion that children growing up with dogs are less prone to illness and developing eczema, and they can learn quickly as well. Similarly, dogs help seniors with cognitive function and more social interactions, decreasing their agitated behaviors and stressful actions and old-aged diseases like Dementia. Dogs act as therapeutic measures for children and old-aged people as they feel like a precious family.


9. Dogs make you attractive and appealing amongst others

Having a dog makes you more captivating amongst your pals, buddies and many can fall for you. Many people find it more trendy and popular if one has a dog. Besides, posting funny and photogenic photos with your pawsome buddies on social media will definitely help you to gain more popularity amongst your friends and followers too. Your genuine bond with your dogs really makes others find you more dashing and honest.


10. No doubt, dogs are a reflection of your personality

Whatever breed of dogs you choose, the research studies have showcased that dogs represent your personality. Those who own toy dogs are said to be intelligent, and those who own utility dogs like Dalmatians and bulldogs are more conscientious. And the vice-versa effect also applies to dogs. Dogs also take on the personality traits of their owners. There is no doubt that dogs and humans share such a communal bond that amalgamates their personality too.

Many types of research have exhibited the connection between dogs and humans considering uniquely strong communication systems, prioritizing humans at first over anything, reducing depression, and many more. In a nutshell, having a dog is a real boon for any pet parent. 

Your dog may exasperate you with its poop here and there at home, its naughty mischiefs, invasion of your favorite pillows but your dogs will never make you sad because, in its view, you are its whole family that will never leave its side.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your dog, and don’t forget to fulfill your responsibilities as a pet parent. And yeah, time spent with dogs is never wasted.




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