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January 29, 2022by Lachana Shakya0

Everyone loves the soft and fluffy environment, right? So do the ticks and fleas. They just love the soft and warm fur of your cats and dogs to cuddle with. Their cuddling means feeding on your pets’ blood and making them prone to severe diseases. These annoying insects are responsible for potential health threats. These insects may be available during most of the year. These fleas and ticks are often responsible for transmitting diseases to humans. 


Dog Fleas

Your dogs catch the dog fleas when they are mostly outdoors. Once, those irritating insects get on your dogs, either they have to be killed with the flea products or they die naturally. You will be surprised to know that a female flea can lay 4o to 50 eggs a day. That’s a tremendously huge number, right? 

Also, fleas can carry in 15 times their weight in blood. Now imagine how much blood these fleas lick from your dogs and cats resulting in anemia in your pets, a dangerous drop in the RBCs. When these fleas bite, they inject their saliva into your pets’ skin causing rashes, irritation, lack of energy due to blood-sucking by fleas, and more.

Fleas cause your dogs to scratch and the worst thing is they are difficult to detect. Flea warnings and signs include:

  • Flea Dropping and Eggs (Dark and white specks)
  • Insatiable and excessive itching
  • Rashes, scabs, and scales
  • Red-inflamed skin
  • Psychological issues due to excessive irritation

Dog fleas and cat fleas are the most common problems for your pets. This infestation not only irritates your pooches but also brings so many annoying diseases to your pets and you too. Fleas also make themselves comfortable in the feline. Vets have often estimated that if you find one flea in your house, 100 more fleas are waiting to annoy you and your pooches.

But no worries if you have anti-flea products, you can easily get rid of these irritating dog fleas. If you are using anti-flea combs, check the neck, base of the tail, and bellies. 


Dog Ticks

Like dog fleas, dog ticks are also the worst and most annoying insects that feed on your pets’ blood. Ticks go through various life stages and they start molting from one stage to the next stage. When ticks are in the nymph and adult stages, these insects become responsible for the transmission of most of the diseases to dogs and humans. These ticks feed on the blood of the host and use their tiny and sharp teeth to suck the blood imprinting on the dogs’ skin and tissue. As these ticks penetrate the bloodstream, they are quite responsible for spreading blood-borne diseases. 

Adult ticks are about 3mm and are more visible than fleas. These dog ticks leave terrible bruises around the bite location and the itching and scratching become insatiable for your pets. The dog ticks also cause the same unbearable irritation as the fleas. But tick infestation is preventable. You can also buy anti-tick products from Petxan. You can order yours now with just a click on the products. Click on the following products to get these so that you can get rid of the fleas and ticks from your pets and homes:

Dog Combs: Anti-Flea Combs

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Anti-tick Doggies Bathing Bar




Also for fleas and ticks prevention, you can adopt the following preventive measures:

  • Use the above-mentioned products for quick remedies if your dogs and cats are infested with ticks and fleas
  • Set aside a schedule for regular baths and use shampoos and soaps
  • Comb your pets’ hair frequently.
  • Use tick collars, powders, and sprays.
  • Clean your homes and surroundings timely.
  • Consult your vets if your pets don’t feel comfy.




These tiny but dangerous insects not only make your pooches irritating and less energizing but they also transmit several diseases. Hence, fleas prevention and ticks prevention are a must. 

Your pooches’ health is your responsibility. So, Say No to Fleas and Ticks.

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