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Designed with extra-fine teeth to bug off adult fleas, fleas eggs, debris, and other toxics with every stroke, these dog combs are the perfect grooming tool for dogs of any kind or breed. These best dog combs can be used to detangle around delicate areas of your pets too. The bristles of the combs do not affect or harm your pets.

With the regular brushing through these dog combs, your poochy friends will have a healthy and shiny coat. These combs are suitable for dogs and cats too. Brushing with these combs helps to massage the skin and activate its natural moisturizing oils.

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  • Helps to remove pesky parasites, bugs, fleas from your pets’ coat
  • Perfect grooming tool to massage your pet’s body
  • Designed with maximum comfort
  • Softens coats and removes excess and loose fur
  • Reduces shedding
  • Removes tangled and unwanted hair
  • Thin and non-harmful bristles for a protective coating
  • Gets rid of tear skin, mucus, and crust
  • No hurting on skin
  • Easy to hold and use


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