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If your pets are suffering from annoying ticks and fleas, Tick Guard is the perfect solution for their quick remedies. Tick Guard helps to effectively control and eliminate ticks and fleas on all cats and dogs. It constitutes propoxur which acts as an ectoparasitic not allowing ticks and fleas to grow. If the infestation is severe, the treatment with Tick Guard can be applied twice a week.

Make sure your pets don’t lick the powder while undergoing treatment. A thick comb brush can be used against the direction while dusting for the evenly spreading of powder in the affected areas



  • Constitutes propoxur that acts as an ectoparasitic
  • Gentle for the pets’ skin
  • Helps to get rid of all the annoying ticks and fleas
  • Used for all types of dogs and cats
  • Not recommended for puppies aged below 4 years of age
  • Inhaling powder is prohibited
  • In case of cuts and injuries, using the powder is strictly prohibited


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