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Goat Milk for dogs is a better choice than cow milk for dogs. The Goat Milk formula comes in fun bone shaped bits. Imported from Thailand, these calcium packed formulas can instantly aid your dog’s well-being. The goat milk formula is known for it’s ability to soothe the digestive tract of dogs not feeling too good.

The formula also promotes appetite of picky dogs. The calcium keeps the bones and teeth in proper condition as well as promotes their optimal growth. Goat Milk Formula is the best aid to dogs suffering from allergies. It also helps in healing abnormal shedding, itching or flaky skin.



  • Packed with friendly bacteria called probiotics to help in digestion of sick dogs
  • Increases the management of vitamins, toxins and vegetable in the body
  • Increases appetite of picky dogs or sick dogs
  • Promotes development of immunity
  • Strengthens teeth, gums and bones
  • Recommended intake: one each day
  • Can be stored easily in the pack itself due to protection seal 


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