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June 13, 2023by Lachana Shakya0

Delicious and scrumptious cuisines are what we hoomans always crave. Your happy hormones get lively when you insert tasty-tasty food into your mouth. Also, your pooches nearby may wag their tail for some little pieces of your food and claim it as their right to have some pieces. Obviously, they also start craving the food that you are having. The restriction of the word BUT may arise here because every food that we hoomans can have can’t be fed to the pooches. There are certain foods that dogs cannot eat. The foods can be harmful to your canines that may even cause their deaths too. So you must know what foods you can’t feed to your pets.


Foods that Dogs cannot eat

You can make your dog’s special dog foods available at the market. You can also buy high-quality dog foods from here Petxan too. Let’s hop into the most harmful foods that you can’t feed your dogs.

1. Chocolates

Hoomans have a craving for chocolates whether it be Dairy Milk, KitKat, or Milkybar. Everyone loves chocolates. When you are diving into the richness of chocolates and your pooch demands it, never ever give even a tiny piece of chocolate. Chocolates contain a very toxic ingredient known as methylxanthines which are very dangerous for dogs. The stimulants contained in chocolates can hinder the dogs’ metabolic process causing diarrhea and vomiting too. The consumption of chocolates may cause seizures, heart malfunction, and the worst death too.


2. Avocados

You may be in love with the big seed-containing fruit giants but your dogs may not tolerate the chewiness of the avocados. The avocados contain persin that’s really unbearable to the dogs. Each strain of avocados like leaves, seeds, bark, and fruit contains persin that is really fatal to dogs. The seeds can even get stuck in the intestines and stomach which may invite other health problems too. So keep your dog away from the green fruits.


3. Onions and Garlic

We use these foods for enhancing the taste of the cuisines but these food items are really toxic to the pooches. These food items can cause poisoning in dogs and they can show the symptoms of severe weakness, vomiting, breathing problems, and anaemia that can lead to their death too. So better you keep these food items in the refrigerator so that your dogs can’t touch them.


4. Grapes and Raisins

These food items may look great as the garnishers on the top of the cake and work as great energy boosters when you eat them too. But they don’t work as energy boosters for your pooches. These dry fruits can cause kidney failure in your dogs. The consumption of these foods makes your pooches sluggish and depressed too, making them vomit over and over. So better not to give this food to your dogs to prevent them from getting sick. 


5. Foods and drinks that contain lots of sugar

Even milk and dairy products that contain lots of sugar are harmful to your dogs. Made with high-processed sugars, the pooches don’t have the enzymes to digest. They may have weight gain, tooth decay, and even sugar-related diseases like diabetes with the overconsumption of sugary food and drinks. Make sure your dogs make distance themselves from colas, cocoas, and energy drinks for a healthy life.

Different food that dogs cannot eat

6. Yeast Dough

Bread and sandwiches are good for dogs for a few times eating only but eating raw yeast can be very toxic to the pooches. This yeast can even ferment in the dog’s stomach and the fermentation can lead to the painful stomach causing poisoning on them.


7. Salty foods

Your pooches may demand the crispy and salty chips that you are taking a bite of. But eating too much salty food can make the dog thirsty which leads to dehydration and sodium poisoning too. They can have symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, high temperatures, seizures and the worst is death too. They can have allergic reactions too and can cause muscle shakes, sluggishness, and fever too along with frequent scratching. So give them in small amounts but consider overconsumption too.


8. Xylitol

The sweetening agent Xylitol is present in candy, gum, toothpaste, baked goods, and other diet foods that are really toxic to the pooches. This ingredient may cause the blood sugar of your pooches to drop leading to liver failure too. Your dogs can have seizures too and the symptoms may include vomiting, lethargy, and coordination too. 


9. Raw meat and fish

Uncooked meat and fish contain bacterias or parasites that can cause food poisoning in dogs. These parasites are present in raw meat and fish and can cause terrible diseases in dogs. Your dogs may show the symptoms of vomiting, fever, and big lymph nodes. So better not to give them the uncooked meat items to your dogs.


10. Almonds

Just like grapes and raisins, these energy boosters are not good for your dogs. Due to the hard part, the eating of almonds may block the oesophagus and even tear the windpipe making them suffocate. So better make a paste of it or make powder of it so that they can swallow it properly.


Macadamia nuts, fat-trimming bones, persimmons, peaches, plums, raw eggs, human medicines, cinnamon, etc should not be allowed on your dogs. Like hoomans, they can digest human food properly. So make sure you understand about the food that can or can’t be fed to your dogs. Do thorough research on the food items. Make your pooches stay healthy and you stay happy too!


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