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December 28, 2021by Lachana Shakya0

Sleeping on the warm couch, not indulging in play-time activities, all these non-active activities are related to winter. Because it is shivering cold and having a nap in wintertime with cozy blankets and bedding feels like heaven. But laziness in winter without doing anything is not worth it. And this applies not only to humans but to pets too.

Cuddling up on the couch under a cozy and warm blanket feels like a must in wintertime for humans and pooches too. We often have the misconception that our pooches have thicker fur and they can withstand cold than us but they also need warmth and they need to stay active indoors too in the wintertime. Dogs can often suffer from frostbite and hypothermia if they get cold.

Frostbite- When dogs’ bodies get cold, they may show symptoms of frostbite. When they get cold, their bodies automatically pull blood from the extremities to the center of the body to keep the warmth. Even their ears, paws, and tail catch cold that there will be the formation of ice crystals in the tissue and damage it severely resulting in the transformation of frostbitten skin into black and sloughing off.

Dogs during winter

Hypothermia- When dogs spend enough time in cold or get wet during cold temperatures, dogs with weak health may catch a cold instantly resulting in the progress of hypothermia and as this hypothermia slowly progresses, your dogs may show the symptoms of depression, lethargy, and weakness.

Hence, wintertime can really impact your pooches’ health but no worries! If you really take care of your doggies then wintertime can also be a fun time like any other season. So let’s jump in the seven most effective winter pet care tips and make the wintertime more interesting.

Winter Care tips for pets


  • Regular walks

It may sound crazy but your pooches need to have regular walks during wintertime too. Sleeping indoors on a cozy blanket may sound fine during winter time but your doggies also need to have external air too. But during the walks, make sure you put a dog coat on them. And do not forget to check their paws at the end of the walks as small pebbles and grit from roads may get stuck in their paws and toes.


  • Interactive sessions inside homes

Playing outside may be quite cold during the wintertime as you and your doggies may catch a cold instantly if you stay outside for a longer time during winters. To make them interactive, make sure you give some toys to your pooches to play with. Don’t be lazy and stay interactive with your pooches indoors. 


  • Say ‘No’ to heaters for a longer time

Staying warm is obviously the first choice during the wintertime. Be pretty sure to follow this winter pet care tip as staying in heaters for a long time may affect your pooches’ health. The heat your pooches may get staying near heaters for a long time is not good.


  • Moisturize their skin

Your dogs may also have dry and flaky skin during winter time just like you do. Add a skin and coat supplement to their doggo food items. Also, paw care is a must as they may also get foot cracks and cracked pads during wintertime.


  • No overfeeding

Your dogs might get hungry timely during this wintertime but giving them food regularly may result in health problems and weight gain too. Their food supply must be accordingly and time routine should be estimated. Also during this wintertime, increase the food supply enriched with protein.


  • Hydration is a must

Your pooches may ignore you if you insist they drink water in regular intervals. Keep your dogs hydrated during this wintertime too. Make sure they drink enough water that the quantity may sustain for a day.


  • Cozy bedding

Just like you need warm blankets and bedding for a warm nap time, choose the right and cozy bedding in warm spots for your doggies. Because if nap time is great, health also becomes greater good.

Most effective winter pet care tips

Extra Winter Pet Care Tip: Use coconut oil as a moisturizer as it’s a natural moisturizer that can help keep your dogs’ skin and coat healthy. 

Obviously, the wintertime is all about eating warm, sleeping warm, and being warm. Stay warm and make your doggies stay warm too. Happy Winter!


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