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November 14, 2021by Lachana Shakya0

When someone asks you the meaning of Faithfulness, show them the dogs who never leave the side of their master. If anyone makes any inquiry about cuteness, give them the example of cats. There’s no doubt that pets make your life filled with happiness and joy. Whether it’s a fearful German Shepherd or a cute furry hamster, these pets become one of the best parts of your life.

Talking about dogs, dogs have been with humans for ages being one of the most loyal and faithful friends of humans. They show their love and friendship with waggy tails or affectionate licks. Your special friends also have some basic or special needs. They need extra care and extra love along with the accessories like we humans do. 

If you are concerned about the needs of your pets and becoming worried about the place to get all the items that your pets need under a single roof, we are here to provide you with all the solutions and services that your furrisome pets need. Petxan is a one-stop solution to all the pet-related products and services that benefit the growth and happiness of your furry companions. We are an online store with a variety of pet-related items and services. 

We understand your needs and your pets’ interests and preferences. The services of Petxan range from high-quality dog foods to luscious grooming stations. We love your pets as you do and we want the best for your pets as you do.


Happy Shopping with Petxan

We know the best for your furry pals. You can find a wide range of pet-related food, accessories, dog beds, immunity boosters, and many more. Have a great shopping experience with us where you can find every pet-related item on a single roof. We offer you a different vibe of shopping experience.


Treat your doggies with a wide range of dog food. We provide high-quality dog food made with nutritional ingredients. From homemade dog food to branded and hygienic food, you can select varieties of dog food and make orders. Your ordered items will be quickly delivered to your doorstep.


Whether it’s for a short walk or long-distance running with your furry pals, the collars and leashes enhance the personality of your pets. Find different types of collars, leashes, and belts with different sizes, colors, and designs.


Your pets always need extra nutrition to remain more proactive and healthy. We have different vitamin supplements, immunity boosters, and medicines for several weaknesses and diseases. Healthy pets mean happy you!


Feed your companions in the cutest and adorable bowls, We have varieties of bowls for fast-eating dogs, small-sized dogs. You can choose the best feeders for your pets.


Make your buddies’ nap time comfy and sweet with the most comfortable and luxurious beds available at reasonable prices.


Your dogs need to be proactive and willing to get trained. Train your dogs like professionals with adorable dog toys. 


Cute, adorable, and classy clothes that enhance the personality of you and your buddies. Order now and get the best at a reasonable price. 


Your pets’ teeth and gums also need extra care. So take care of their oral health too with the oral care items. Purchase an order now.


From soaps to trimming accessories, we have varieties of dog grooming accessories of different brands made with high-quality materials. Because your dogs deserve the best!


Pawsome Services you get at Petxan

We are committed to understanding the needs of your furry companions. We are dedicated to providing different services from grooming stations to dog hostels for the first time in Nepal.


You always want the Best for your pets and we also offer the Best for you. We provide various pet grooming services in Kathmandu. We do understand your pets’ cleanliness and health.


Who doesn’t want to see their dogs being trained by high-level professionals? We know that you want your dogs to be confident and highly active. We offer the services of dog training led by highly advanced dog trainers and professionals.


For the first time in Nepal, Petxan has introduced dog hostels in Nepal which are run by dog professionals and experienced ones. You can enjoy your vacation and holidays whereas your furry pals will also get the holiday retreat at the luxurious hostels with utmost care and baths.


Petxan offers you the service of buying and selling puppies in Nepal. You can place your order and details for the further process. We provide you with the overall details.

Products of Petxan


Buy Hamsters in Nepal

Do you want to pet the cute and furry pals at your home? They will really make your day. We have the least expensive and cute hamsters available along with their food and accessories. Just give us a quick message or a call.

Dog and Human Relationship


We understand what it feels like to love the pets, take care of them with utmost priority. We are the online platform where you can get all the services and products related to pets. Furthermore, we have a blog section on our website where you can find pet care-related tips.

Contact us for any kind of pet-related queries and purchases.

Petxan, the true companion of your furry pals!


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