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With the balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus, Venky’s Cuddle for puppies is a chicken-flavored wet food that provides the complete and best dietary combinations for your pets. This wet food provides your pets the nutritional requirements that the growing puppies need. 

Venky’s cuddle for puppies is rich in energy providing enough nutrients for muscle growth, strong bones, healthy skin and coat. It can also be given to the sick pets who eat less than the required quantity. This wet food can also be given while giving medicines.

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  • Yummy and nutritious wet food for the puppies
  • Easily digestible available source of energy
  • Easy to serve
  • Maintains the good body structure of the puppies
  • Suitable for all the breeds
  • Complete balanced diet for the puppies
  • Contains adequate amount of protein and fat
  • Provides efficient amount of energy


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