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With an all dog breed formula, Drools Chicken and Egg Adult Dog Food contains real chicken that are free from preservatives. The highly palatable delicious dog food balances the digestive process with enriched proteins and vitamins. The dog food keeps your pet healthy and happy with proper maintenance of lean muscle.

Drools Dog Food goes through several thorough processes of quality check to reassure dog owners the nutritional values of proteins, minerals and vitamins for their dogs. Depending upon the age, breed and weight of the dog, the dog food should be served twice a day. Apart from the dog food, factors like clean water and exercise affect the digestive system of the dog. It is important to know how to switch from home food to Drools dog food starting by introducing 10% of Drools dog food with 90% home food like rice, dal, meat etc. and increase it day by day.

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  • Gives dogs the proper digestion for a better absorption of nutrients for growth and development
  • Safe and recommended for dogs of any breed
  • Contains good Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for maintaining a stunning silky fur coat and hair growth
  • Contains helpful vitamins that helps to control the build-up of tartar in teeth and gums
  • Contains necessary minerals to maintain the joints and help in proper muscle movement
  • Made with real chicken for impeccable taste and adequate protein supplement
  • Checked by international laboratories to maintain a good quality parameter
  • Can be easily stored in clean and dry air-tight containers

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