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Salicylic acid ear cleanser helps to prevent bacterial and fungal attachments from the ears. It is a non-irritating ear cleanser having anti-microbial properties. Furthermore, it eliminates the bad odor of the ear canal. For any kind of irritations or ear problems, a Salicylic acid ear cleanser can be used.

It cleanses the ears by preventing the bad smell of meatus as well. It is suitable for all kinds of dogs and cats in case of any ear irritations.

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  • Non-irritating ear cleanser
  • Has anti-microbial and anti-adhesive
  • Has Salicylic acid IP, phenoxyethanol IP as preservatives
  • Eliminates the bad and unhealthy odor of ear canal and meatus
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of any age
  • Useful in pre-treatment of otitis 


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