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Dog AccessoriesDog Vitamins Supplements (Calcium, Medicine, Immunity Boosters)Venky’s Pet-Spark Growth: 200 ml (Multivitamins supplement)


Formulated using pivotal vitamins, Petspark is suitable for dogs and puppies for their better health conditioning, and functioning. It provides healthful nutrients including antioxidants that support a completely balanced vitamin B complex. With the timely dosage of Petspark, your furry friends can remain active and healthy at any age.

Petspark is responsible for the muscle development of the dogs which results in promoting growth in puppies and kittens. In addition, it improves health in pregnant and dull and weak animals too.



  • Enriched with several vitamins
  • Suitable for every breed and size
  • Must for the growth of the dogs
  • Improves health condition of weak animals
  • Good for building muscles in dogs
  • Promotes growth in pups and kittens
  • Dosage of 10 ml twice daily


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