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Regulate vital energy ingredients in your pups with Proviboost Syrup for the optimum growth and development of the healthy body of your pups. Proviboost Syrup advances vitality and strengthens the physical condition of your pets. It consists of essential amino, Docosahexaenoic Acid, and Omega-3 including arginine and biotin which are responsible for weight gain, enhanced immunity, development of the nervous system, skeletal growth, and preservation of shiny, lustrous, and healthy skin.

Healthy growth and development of your pups are what every pet parent wants. Proviboost Syrup is an immunity booster for dogs and cats. It provides resistance to fight against diseases for growing dogs.



  • Power booster drops for cats and dogs
  • Gives a healthy and shiny coat
  • Boosts healthy brain development in puppies
  • Strengthens pups’ physical condition
  • Consists of amino, DHA, and Omega 3
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Can be given directly through the mouth or by mixing in food or water
  • 5-6 drops twice daily for puppies, 2-3 drops twice daily and 2 drops per day for pet birds

Quantity: 200 ml


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