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Dog AccessoriesDog Vitamins Supplements (Calcium, Medicine, Immunity Boosters)Calciphos Pet 200 ml (Growth Supplement with Calcium)


A calcium growth supplement with complete nutritional balance for the pets, Calciphos Pet 200 ml can be given to the cats and the dogs twice daily as per their body weight and recommended by the veterinarians. Equipped with sufficient amounts of calcium and other vital nutrients, Calciphos Pet helps to energize pets with weak immune systems and health. It benefits growing pups and cats as well. 

Enriched with essential nutritional supplements, Calciphos is responsible for stronger bones and healthy skeletal structure. It promotes healthy skin and shiny fur for your pets. Similarly, it is a great source of Calcium for young as well as geriatric dogs. Due to high calcium availability, it can be given to pets in cases of fractures and weaknesses.



  • Flavored calcium and other nutrient supplements
  • Prevents rickets and osteomalacia
  • Overcomes night blindness, anaemia, debility, and emaciation
  • Provides immense strength to the weak pets
  • Enhances disease resistance
  • Makes bones and muscles stronger and healthier
  • Good for growing pups, young as well as geriatric dogs and cats
  • Quick healing of fractures
  • Daily two doses as per body weight


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