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Dog AccessoriesDog Vitamins Supplements (Calcium, Medicine, Immunity Boosters)Ventriliv Pet: 200 ml (Lamb Flavour – Liver Tonic with Worm Medicine) for Adult


Comprising selected hepatoprotection herbs including Silymarin and Choline, Ventriliv Pet helps to stimulate appetite and promote healthy liver functioning of the pets. Ventriliv Pet contributes to assisting and speeding up the recuperation process after worm infestation during convalescence after any kind of illness. 

It helps prevent malnutrition and reduces the side effects of hepatotoxic drugs like vincristine. Similarly, the use of Ventriliv pet responds in the quick recovery from liver diseases such as infective or chronic hepatitis, enlarged or fatty liver, jaundice, fibrosis of the liver, and ascites. It is a liver tonic that protects your pets from a wide range of harmful worms.



  • Acts as an appetite stimulant
  • Good for healthy liver
  • Measuring cup available
  • Excellent palatability with lamb flavor
  • Speeds up the recovery process after canine distemper, leptospirosis, and arthritis
  • Good to use in anorexia, debility, or general weakness


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