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Iron deficiencies may cause several diseases amongst your dogs. Feed them nutritional iron supplements with Sharkoferrol which acts as a dietary supplement for your pets. It prevents vitamin deficiency that may be caused due to poor diet. It cures certain illnesses during pregnancy and the rest of the period too. 

It consists of biotin, calcium gluconate, niacinamide, copper sulfate, cobalt, folic acid, malt extract, ferric ammonium citrate, and chloride, which assists the pets in maintaining good health. The dosage is to be given as per the recommendation of the physicians or veterinarians.



  • Acts as a supplement treat
  • Contains calcium, iron, and vitamins as pivotal ingredients
  • Works as an appetite stimulant
  • Vitamin-mineral nutritional supplement
  • Responsible for bone growth, healthy skin, and timely and smooth whelping
  • Best supplement for anemia, muscle cramping, high cholesterol, Alzheimer


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