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Best Dog BedsPet Bedding: All Sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large)


Made with soft and comfy raw materials, these dog beddings enable your pets to sleep in a relaxing and quiet manner. These beddings are available for all kinds of breeds and dogs of different sizes. The soft material used in these beddings helps to reduce the back and joint pain of your pets. These beddings provide enough space for your pets for cuddling too.

Designed for superior comfort and better sleep, these beddings have paw designs which make them very attractive and appealing to look at and use. These beddings are ideal for pets for security and supportive health allowing your pets to burrow as well.



  • Made with a soft cloth and comfy materials
  • Offers enough relaxation to the pets while sleeping
  • Promotes ultimate comfort and security
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy washable¬†
  • Suitable for different breeds
  • Can be used for both dogs and cats

Small: Rs.250

Medium: Rs.350

Large: Rs.450

Extra Large: Rs.550


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