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Anti-slippery and protective paw pads are more reliable for your dogs to walk on absolutely hot pavements. These dog paw protectors assist your senior dogs or those suffering from Arthritis, spine diseases, or foot problems. Due to the rubber spots on the paw pads, these paw pads avoid slipping and scratching on the floors.

These paw pads help to regain the confidence to stand and walk for weak dogs and due to their lightweight feature, these paw pads are effective for them.



  • Helps the weak and senior dogs to stand and walk easily
  • Keeps your dogs and puppies safe from slipping on smooth areas
  • Simple, safe, and comfortable to wear and use
  • No scratching on hardwood
  • Reduces the strength of hindlimbs for senior dogs
  • Greater grip support for your dogs
  • Protection from injuries
  • Waterproof
  • Cute design


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