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With the ability to enhance the life quality of pets, Nutrich tablets are the absolute source of essential vitamins and minerals by assuring a steady supply of vital nutrients and allowing the healthy functioning of all body systems of the pets. Nutrich tablets are best for improved growth, better fertility, stronger teeth and bones, optimum development, and well functioning of the brain and nervous system.

As a cure for nutritional alopecia, Nutrich tablets benefit in faster growth of the pets. Furthermore, it is reasonable for the healthy pregnancy of the pets. It is highly effective for the prevention of epiphora and coprophagia.




  • Faster and improved growth of the pets
  • Enhances the lives of pet dogs and cats
  • Prevents from patchy hair loss (nutritional alopecia)
  • Prevents from excess eye-watering (Epiphora) and eating of one’s feces ( Coprophagia)
  • Controls appetite and general health
  • Improves fertility 
  • Offers excellent palatability
  • Dosage Recommendation: 1-2 tablets daily for adult dogs and ½ tablets daily for pups and kittens

Quantity: 60 tablets


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