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Bandana Neck Collar Belt

Set your puppy apart from others with the coolest Bandana Neck Collar Belt that comes in a range of three exclusive colours: Fiery Red, Midnight Blue and Jet Black. The Bandana belt features a clip system making it easy to clasp onto an active puppy. The adjustable strap fits snugly on the dog’s neck. The Bandana belt is easy to wash and the small size is fit for any kind of puppy. 

Customizable Dog Tag 

Customize a cute Dog Tag featuring your pet’s name and your contact information. Choose from brass dog tags with couple of variations with the carved name of your puppy. Never worry about losing your pet with a piece of handy contact information carved right on the dog tag. 

Deworming Tablets (Juga ko ausadhi) 

New dogs are in constant threat of worms in their tummies. In order to rid of them, the combo pack consists of Worm Stop formulated by diligent ingredients like prazinquantel, pyrantel, pamoate and febantel. The tablets not only kill the worms but also take care of the eggs of these worms. 

Calcium Milk Chews

Calcium Milk Chews become any puppy’s favorite treats. The nutrional small chews are soft enough for the new puppies to munch on. Calcium treats are great for bone development and management of joints. The calcium also enhances optimal growth of the teeth and keeps the tartar away. These chews are suitable for dogs from 2 months of age. 


Petxan introduces an amazing combo offer for new dog owners consisting of all the essentials for your new friend. The new combo deal features four products: a Bandana Neck Collar, a customizable Dog Tag (plastic), Deworming Tablets (juga ko ausadhi), and Calcium Milk Chews. 


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