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Be a perfect groomer and caretaker of your pets with these nail clippers with nail file as an ergonomically designed and easy-to-use pet grooming tool. These nail clippers with nail file are made with high-quality thick stainless steel sharp blades which are powerful enough to trim the nails at one cut. These nail clippers stay sharp for years and trim the nails effectively.

These nail clippers are designed with the motive of using them easily preventing any type of risk or harms to your pets. They feature a safety stop which makes it impossible for any harm or cuts to your pets. Also, these nail clippers help to shape the edges of nails perfectly. The nail file available with these nail clippers help to give shape to your pets’ nails.

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  • User-friendly design, easy grip, and non-slip ergonomic rubberized handles
  • Nail File available
  • Prevents accidental cuts, harms, and nicks
  • Saves time and money from taking your pets to the grooming centers
  • Shapes your pets’ nails without any kind of harm
  • Keeps the groomer comfortable while taking care of pets
  • Trims your pets’ nails with a single cut
  • Comfortable design and texture easing you to groom your pets
  • Suitable to use for medium and large dogs and cats


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