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Dog AccessoriesDog Vitamins Supplements (Calcium, Medicine, Immunity Boosters)Multistar Pet Syrup: Chicken Flavour: 200 ml (Immunity Booster)


Provide your pups nutritional support with Multistar Pet Syrup consisting of a powerful antioxidant, lycopene. It helps boost the immunity of the pups maintaining overall health. Enriched with highly palatable natural ingredients, it consists of amino acids and multivitamins that help in the overall development of puppies and enhancing immunity during the initial stage of life and vaccination too.

If your pups are going through certain stress, then Multistar Pet Syrup is the best cure for reducing stress in dull and depressed pets. It is helpful in preventing alopecia and poor vision too. Furthermore, it helps in the fast recovery from illness amongst the pups.



  • Health tonic with the advantage of lycopene
  • Boosts the immunity
  • Comes with chicken flavor
  • Enhances fast recovery from illness
  • Keeps skin and coat shiny
  • Reduces stress amongst the depressed pets
  • Prevents excessive hair fall and poor sight
  • Suitable for all breed of dogs and cats
  • Dosage recommendation for growing pups: 1-2 ml daily orally or as per the advice of the veterinarian


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