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Made from natural ingredients, Homemade Biscuits for Dogs is a L.P. Products To treat your dogs to delicious treats. The homemade biscuits contain chicken liver and dog-friendly flours like brown flour to put together a treat with rich benefits. Biscuits for dogs are a cheaper and extremely healthy alternative to other treats with harmful ingredients like preservatives. The healthy balance of crude proteins and crude fat promote a proper digestive process.

The treats are good for the dog’s teeth. The dog biscuits are pumped with vitamins to promote good eye vision and a palatable mouth. Homemade Biscuits for Dogs are perfect while training dogs as a treat when they correctly do an activity. It can also bring appetite to dogs when they are fussy about eating other food. There will be no necessity to clear up because your dogs will eat them right up without leaving any left!



  • Free of harmful chemical, preservatives and unknown ingredients
  • Keeps the dog’s gums and teeth clean and strong
  • Enhances the dog’s shiny coats with Omega acids
  • Contains minerals for a good digestive system
  • Made from natural ingredients for optimum growth and satisfaction
  • Tasty treats palatable to dogs of any breeds
  • Can be sealed in an air-tight container to keep it dry

Weight: 1 KG


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