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Dog Food & RewardsHimalaya Healthy Treats for Adults: Treats for dogs 1 KG


Refined with Omega fatty acids, Himalaya Healthy Treats for adults promote the overall fitness of your adult dogs. It is also formulated with Fennel, a digestive stimulant that supports the digestion and immunity of your pets. Fortified with herbal actives like Flaxseed, these Himalaya Healthy treats are equally healthy and tasty and are the perfect munchies for your pets. These treats provide strong muscles, bones, teeth, and a healthier and shinier coat.

Himalaya Healthy Treats for adults are munchy biscuit-type treats which your dogs will adore to eat. These healthy treats are flavored with chicken and other vital ingredients.



  • Tasty, healthy relishes
  • Healthy treats with delicious chicken flavor
  • Supports skin health and fitness
  • Munchy biscuit-type
  • Gives shinier and healthy fur/coat
  • Supports digestion and immunity
  • Perfect reward for your dogs
  • Rich in Omega fatty acids

Weight:  1 KG


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