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Essential nutrients with vital energy boosters are the must for your dogs’ growth and development. Composed of rich supplements of iron, water-soluble vitamin B, Fe-folate is the best energy supplement for dogs to make them active and healthy. With the deficiency of folate, there may emerge several types of unhealthy problems in your dogs. Fe-folate acts as an immunizing agent to stay active, strong, and healthy.

Fe-folate provides an adequate amount of folate to the dogs and other nutritional supplements such as iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, and additional flavored nutrients that are responsible for the growth and abetment of your dogs. The syrup can be given to the dogs daily.



  • Ideal for every breed and size
  • Enriched with iron, folate, and energy-boosting supplements
  • Energy booster to make dogs active and strong
  • Good for the growth of the dogs
  • Consists of water-soluble vitamin B
  • Daily dosage- 5 ml twice or as recommended by veterinarians


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