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If you are worried about your pets pooping anywhere and you want to train your dogs good manners, Doggies Potty Trainer is the perfect product for you. It encourages your pets to urinate or poop wherever it is sprayed. It is not to be sprayed on the dogs. The usage of Doggies Potty Trainer helps to eliminate the mini accidents and stinky mess at your homes.

The unique attractant smell of the product encourages the dogs to pee wherever the product is sprayed. Whenever your pets pee or poop where the product is sprayed, try to reward them for the better habits and it will help to develop the hygienic habits of your pets. Doggies Potty Trainer helps to let the dogs defecate in the destined position where the pet masters want.

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  • Great spray for the potty training
  • Non-toxic, safe and environment-friendly
  • Great for indoor, outdoor, artificial grass and puppy pads
  • Develop good habits in pets
  • No mess and poops anywhere in the house


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