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Easy-to-use slicker pet grooming brushes are comfortable and can be applied for both cats and dogs for all types of hair be it frizzy, curly, normal, or thick hair. This dog brush helps to remove long, unwanted, and loose hair from your pets. The stainless steel with extra-long pins in the dog brush helps to penetrate deep into the coat without unnecessary scratching.

The flat slickers in the dog brush have rounded corners that will not catch the wanted fur. The comfortable and non-slip grips save time and energy during pet grooming. For the user, it reduces arm and hand fatigue due to long ergonomic handles. 



  • Easy to use
  • Removes long, unwanted, and loose hair
  • Saves time and energy during pet grooming
  • Removes tough tangles and knots
  • Doesn’t hurt your pets’ skin
  • Effective for medium to large dogs with thick and double-coated hair


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