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A good source of protein, Bingo Star is the yummy dog food with the milk flavor available in sticks. Your pooches would love to chew the milky flavored stickers made to fulfill your dogs’ daily nutritional requirement. With the ideal balance of nutrition, protein and other vital necessary nutrients, Bingo Star is the perfect dog reward for your pets.

Bingo Star comes with the perfect blend of nutritional supplements required for your pets. With the contamination of vitamins and minerals, Bingo Star is the complete and balanced diet for your dogs.


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  • Meets daily nutritional supplement of your dogs
  • Complete and balanced diet
  • Fun chewing sticks
  • Animal protein source
  • Promotes functioning of brain and nervous system
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Good for digestive system
  • Gives soft and shiny coat
  • Milk flavored


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