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Dog Food & RewardsBankaduk Sasami Jerky Sticks: Chicken Treats for Dogs


Made with real chicken and cereals, Bankaduk Sasami Jerky Sticks serve as a perfect treat and reward for your dogs. The moist and soft texture of the sticks allows the dogs to chew and swallow easily. Furthermore, the chewy texture helps to reduce the teeth problems of your pooches too.

These Bankaduk Sasami Jerky sticks are less fatty and constitute healthy and nutritional values to your dogs. These sticks can be fed to any breed of dog.



  • Softly processed white meat of chicken based snack for dog
  • Soft and moist texture
  • Less fat
  • Moist , supple and easy to spilt
  • Healthy low-fat treat
  • Easier for dogs to chew


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