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July 9, 2023by Lachana Shakya0

Every pup pawrent wants their pups to be smart, intelligent and obedient. And one should know that the habits develop with the initiation from the early days. Like the hoomans teach their children on calling out Mama, Papa or eating with spoon or differentiating right and left slippers, as a pup parent, you should also teach your pups some basic tricks so that your pups can stand out among others and learn the basic things in the earlier days too. 

Dog training is essential from the beginning. From the basic daily chores to rescue level confidence, dogs need to be trained. Before going through teaching the basic tricks at home to your pups, let’s dig in why dog training is important.

  • Dog training is one of the most important aspects of raising a dog with effective care and nourishment.
  • Training your pups strengthens the bond between you and your pups.
  • Training encourages the healthy and hygienic benefits of learning manners.
  • Training is more enjoyable when you spend time with your pups.
  • Communication with your pups regarding training opens  a line of strong connection with your pups.
  • With the matter of time, they will learn new techniques with the basic tricks you taught them in the previous days.
  • They can stand on their feet without any support and will definitely be a character of Rescue when you are in trouble.
  • It promotes physical and mental health thus helping to learn good behaviours.
  • Dog training improves socialization preventing fear, aggression, running into the street, and other behavioural issues.


Types of training for dogs

Actually, pups give more attention when you are teaching something new to them because they are keen learners too but it depends on the type of breed and how proactive they are on learning new things. There is no need to join learning schools to teach your dogs some basic tricks. In fact, you can teach some basic tricks to your pups at your home. 


1. Come

Make sure you have named your dog. Call their names and command them to sit. When they do this, give them a treat. While they are having their treats, call out their names and if they give you that adorable look with their eyes, offer them another treat and Walaa, you are next step ahead to teach another session for your pups. Give them praise or a tap on the back. Rewards are the best methods for teaching and learning. You should use your hands to teach them to understand the commands you are giving. LOVE is the only language they know. So whether you speak Nepali, English or Japanese, use hand signs and they will understand.


2. Fetch

Dogs are also effective chasers. When you are throwing something, command them to go and fetch that thing, and when they bring you back that thing, give him/her some delicious treats. Fetching is also a part of training. They run and they try to catch that thing which signifies the exercise technique as well. Also, you can try this trick at home. You can call your pup with the name and do some hand signs and guiding to bring the thing back. As they are obedient to their masters, they will learn this technique in no time.


3. Naughty- Potty

Among the many endless techniques that you can teach your pups like Giving kisses, bowing, laying down, shaking hands, one of the most good learning initiations begins with doing potty on a specific place only. You will obviously feel disgusting when you step upon those stinking potties of your pups around your homes scattered somewhere. You can start with a Positive Punishment method by hitting a dog when it does potty in the unspecific place of your house. You can teach them to finish their business in the specific place and give some rewards from next time if he repeats doing the commanded task. 

So, above mentioned are some of the basic tricks that you can teach your dogs at home. Tricks are quite useful to convert into a habit. But make sure you have scheduled some of your busy time to teach your dogs the tricks that can help them learn healthy behaviours. The first and foremost method of understanding them is to communicate with them and analyzing their responses with the actions taken..

So best of luck! It’s not that much easy to be a pup parent but it’s not impossible either. Right?

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