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January 13, 2023by Lachana Shakya0

Why do you think we play games? Games involve both physical and mental stimulation. Furthermore, it relieves boredom and stress too. Not only for us, hoomans, but dogs also do need the mental and physical activities that we can term as games too. Just sleeping on the couch, and having food only without any recreational activities may make them lazy, dumb, and inactive which may affect their mental and physical health. So you get it now, we are going to point out the dog games.

There are plenty of pawsome doggo games like fetching, running, catching the stick, etc that are commonly remembered when we talk about dog games. Dogs are creatures by nature who are excited about games. But every dog game is not for dogs. Sounds lame, right? It’s the fact that dogs are those paw-tastic animals who love to run, fetch and be sweaty but the dog games can be played according to their breed and individual characteristics.

Some dogs may be athletic while some dogs may be lazy. And for each of the categories, the dog falls in, you need to make your dogs play those games only.

Firstly, let’s discuss the fruitful advantages that your dogs may get while playing the dog games:

i) Physical training prevents your dogs from doing destructive activities as they would be busy playing games like chewing your slippers, destroying your favorite pillows, and many more.

ii) Be ready to create unforgettable paw-some memories while having fun with your dogs. Dog games both recharge you and your dogs, ultimately strengthening your bond.

iii) Boosting intelligence and happiness while playing with dogs can be considered one of the major advantages of dog games.

iv) What’s the most fun way to teach your four-legged companions other than games? Hmm.

v) What is the greatest boredom nullifier for your pooches? Obviously, the answer is Dog Games. It’s the reality that if your dogs get bored for longer times, they start showing repulsive behaviors like excessive chewing, barking and even eating their own poops, disgusting right? Just to entertain themselves. So, dog games are a must for your dogs to relieve boredom and stress too.



Now let’s know about the different categories that your dogs may fall into and the dog games that are suitable for your dogs according to the dog-tastic categories.


1. The Athletico

Your dogs may fall into this category if they are always energetic and don’t get tired easily with intense physical activities. The breed of your dogs may also impact the types of dog games your dogs need to play. The dog games that are suitable for the dogs like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, etc are enumerated as:

  • Fetch with Long Throws
  • Tug-of-War
  • Frisbee
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Agility Sports
  • Trips to the parks and making them play with other dogs

Dog games for athlete dogs


2. Hide-and-seek Lovers

Some of the dogs may love to hide various toys, equipment, socks, and other tiny things and retrieve them again. For such lovers, the well-suited dog games may include:

  • Swimming
  • Fetching toys
  • Regular long walks

Dog games for hiding dogs


3. Lazy Sleepers

If your dogs are couch munchkins always napping and eating only, they may get obese and they may lack mental recreation too. So for such paw-nions, you need to make them play the dog games like:

  • Hiding treats in different corners of the house
  • Giving them basic fun commands
  • Miniature fetch games inside the house arena
  • Puzzle feeders while having meals

Dog games for lazy dogs


4. Non-stop Diggers

The world itself reveals that these dogs always find a reason to dig to come out of boredom or to seek attention from the pup’s parents. They dig sofas, grounds, your favorite pillows, and many more. So for them, the dog games suitable may be:

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Playing with treats

Dog games for diggers


5. Snoopies


These dogs have a very strong sense of smell and always wander around if new things come up. These dogs can be sent to the training centers to be admitted as Rescue or Search Dogs too. Beagles and hounds may fall into this category. The best dog games suitable for them may include:

  • Hide and seek of the treats
  • Long walks
  • Taking them to new places and playing with them as they are great sniffers and discoverers too

Dog games for best smellers


6. Witty Tykes

Intelligence, smartness, and cleverness are their personality traits. Suppose you don’t give them a treat at dinner when they demand, they may attack your TV remote and start chewing. These types of dogs require strong brain-exhausting activities to prevent boredom. They need high-skilled training as well. So you can hire professional dog trainers for advanced skills. The dog games that may be suitable for them are:

  • Puzzled toys
  • Name games
  • Obstacle games
  • Running

Dog games for intelligent dogs


Your dogs may fall in the category of Snoopies or Witty Tykes, but remember, physical and mental stimulation is a must for your four-legged companions. You may introduce new dog games with your dogs too. You need to carefully observe the dogs’ behavior and health too while playing games with them. So, have fun with the games and let your guys’ bond be strengthened than before. Good Luck!



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