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Formulated with palatable milky flavor, Him cal constitutes calcium and phosphorus in the ratio of 1:0.8 derived from oyster shells. It also acts as an adjuvant in therapy for rickets. Him Cal is somehow quickly absorbed and utilized inside the body so it shows immediate response after the use.

Him Cal is a natural calcium and phosphorus supplement that promotes bone density and strength of the dogs. It is responsible for the prevention of milk fever post whelping in pets during the lactation period. Him Cal can be given through the oral route or can be mixed with food.



  • Best for optimal bone development in pets
  • Responsible for formation of strong bones and teeth in adult dogs
  • Synthesizes protein in the body
  • Natural calcium and phosphorus supplement
  • Dosage Recommendation: For puppies and small dogs: 5-10 ml twice daily                                                                                                               For adults and large dogs: 10-20 ml twice daily

Quantity: 200 ml


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