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Available with silicone bristles, Heart Bath Stoup is applicable for both dogs and cats. Message gently to your pets after the usage of the heart bath stoup. Your pets will get a lustrous coat and healthy skin with the massaging of this stoup.


  • Firstly, take off the bottle cap
  • Pour into the bath cream/shower gel
  • Tighten the cover of Heart Bath Stoup
  • Shake up and down to shake the water and shampoo
  • Press the foam to bathe your pets
  • Wash and squeeze while bathing



  • Best tool to message your dogs while bathing
  • Helps to spread the cream or gel all over the entire body
  • Helps to produce lather for the widespread of bathing cream all over the body
  • Promotes pets’ blood circulation
  • Increases the luster of the coat
  • Applicable for both dogs and cats


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