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Flawless and glowing skin is what everyone wants, right? We hoomans use various beauty products for making our skin healthy and glowing but what about your pooches? Your dog’s skin is the largest organ of their body and it’s generally covered with velvet-like fur if you make your pooches bathe with good shampoos and soaps. But are you aware that your dogs can also get pimples, and rashes on their skin just like us?

Dog skin diseases are the most common health issues on dogs but it doesn’t mean you can ignore such issues. Dog skin diseases are also referred to as dog skin conditions and dog skin disorders. Your dog’s skin condition can depict your dog’s mental and physical health conditions too. These dog skin diseases may differ from mini skin diseases to long-lasting chronic diseases too. 

How to know if my dog has developed a skin disease?

Factors that determine that your pooches may have developed a skin disease are enlisted as:

  • Continuous licking at the same body part for the longer time
  • Scratching, redness, and rashes
  • Stress in dogs
  • Itchiness around the affected areas

So if your dogs are continuously scratching or licking that body part, it may sound irritating but blaming your pooch is not a good option. You need to immediately seek a vet or medical treatment as the causes of these upcoming skin diseases may range from microscopic parasites to underlying vast illnesses. For the common dog diseases information, click here for more.



Under this segment, we are going to discuss some of the dog skin diseases that your dogs may or will have suffered from. There are many names of dog skin diseases with various causes. Let’s dive into some of the common dog skin diseases that you must know that your dogs would have encountered.


Yeast Infections

You won’t believe that yeast can grow around the ears or toes of your pooches as they grow in a cozy manner around the paws or ears of your dogs. If your dog is continuously scratching the ears or licking or chewing their toes, you must doubt that the yeast has tortured your compawnions and immediately seek medical treatment. The symptoms may include itchy, irritated, or discolored skin. You can use topical creams, oral drugs, or medicated sprays or bathes for minor treatments.



This dog skin disease is most common in puppies. You may see the blisters developing on the hairless portion of the abdomen of your pups. The pus-filled blisters may appear around the abdomen that may also break and crust over. The bursting out of blisters may spread and the germs may stick to other parts of the body too so if you check out any blisters among your pups, you must notice that your dogs may have suffered from Impetigo.



If your dogs are having dandruff problems on a vast scale, then you can predict that your dogs are suffering from Seborrhoea. This skin disease makes your pooches’ skin greasy and your house floor can be filled with irritating white dandruff. This skin disease develops scales and your pooches may be irritated by scratching only. So you can use plenty of anti-dandruff shampoos for its treatment. You can also buy medical shampoos from here for their remedy.


Types of Skin Diseases



This infection is caused by a superficial bacterial folliculitis that causes several problems such as sores, bumps, and scabs on your pooches’ skin. Your dogs may develop mange, allergies, or a kind of injury around the affected areas. It’s easier to observe in dogs with short hair but if your pooches have long hair, this bacterial infection may cause a dull coat and shedding of the fur with scaly skin. You can use several oral antibiotics and antibacterial shampoos and ointments for the solutions.


Allergy Dermatitis

Your dogs may be allergic to various products that you may know later only. Your dogs may have allergies due to certain grooming or food products or the surroundings that may cause redness, bumps, pustules, or scabs in the skin. It can even cause hair loss in the affected areas of your dog’s skin. Due to relentless scratching upon the affected area, your dogs may have an ugly rash and redness. Insect bites like fleas are also responsible for such causes. Better using anti-flea treatments like shampoos and soaps for the remedy. You can also buy from here for effective remedies. If the allergies have deepened, seek medical treatment immediately.


Canine Atopic Dermatitis

This infection falls under the category of Immune-mediated skin disorder. It can be related to hereditary and chronic allergic skin diseases. This kind of skin disease can occur in dogs like Golden Retrievers starting between 6 months and 3 years of age. The causes of this infection are pollen from trees, grasses, weeds, molds, house dust mites, and many more. It may result in the itchiness around eyes, muzzles, ears, and feet. Anti-tick and ant-flea products can be used from the beginning for their remedy.


Autoimmune Skin diseases

It mainly affects the paw pads of your dogs. It’s caused by a bacteria named Pemphigus folirceus. There is a formation of blisters in the epidermis. The blisters then break to form crusts and erosions that affect the face and ears of your pooches. The bursting of fluid may be disgusting and the sprinkles may also affect the other parts of your dog’s body.


Hot Spots 

These hot spots can create severe irritation among your dogs. These infections can spread speedily within hours due to the secondary staph infection causing the top layers of skin to break down and the pus-filled blisters to get trapped in the hair of the dogs. The infected area is acutely inflamed and it gets worse due to excessive licking and biting by the dogs themselves. 

Above mentioned are some of the skin disorders that are common among dogs. Besides these, dog skin diseases are often caused by canine scabies, mange, mites, lice, and ringworm. Also, your pooches can suffer from systematic diseases turning into symptomatic disorders including hormonal abnormalities such as hypothyroidism, Cushing’s Syndrome, and tumors of ovaries and testicles. 

Hence, if you see your dogs continuously licking or biting their body parts, don’t hesitate to check your pooches’ body parts and seek medical treatment immediately as such mini diseases can result in chronic cancer as well. But don’t panic and seek medical help for your pooches as soon as possible after you notice any stressful irritations in your dogs! 



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